Last Updated: 2018/11/12

Personal Information 基本情報

  • Name 氏名

福井 弘人
  • Age 年齢

27 歳
  • Biography 自己紹介

Full-time dog-sitter, part-time developer @Osaka.


  • Ruby
  • GraphQL
  • Data Analytics
  • Dog
  • Camping
  • Badges スキルや特徴(BETA機能)

リポジトリ解析精度向上を目指し現在開発中の機能です。関係ないバッジが付与された方は 運営までご報告ください
  • Ruby Lv7
  • JavaScript Lv4
  • Pinned Works 主なアウトプット

  • Career Summary 職歴

株式会社grooves Web エンジニア

2017年09月 ~ 在職中(1年3ヶ月)

楽天株式会社 Web エンジニア

2014年04月 ~ 2017年08月(3年4ヶ月)

Designed, improved, maintained, documented e-commerce web application had launched in over 7 countries, for the users who sell their products on the platform, including product registration, order management, and analyzing sales records.

- Developed a new feature that allows users to design their shop specialized for mobile display.
- Wrote batch jobs that run on Linux system as well as configured with scheduling system, and maintained those.
- Improved release pipeline by rewriting capistrano with ansible for better flexibility and readability.
- Reduced 95% of time for translating UI texts by automating entire workflow.
- Won first prize at an internal Hackathon. (Developed a mobile optimized web application for small-scale merchants)

  • Education 学歴

  • Other Experience その他の経験

  • Certification 資格

  1. TOEIC L/R 905点
    2017年03月 取得
  2. 基本情報技術者
    2009年10月 取得